How do I Create and Submit a new Order?

Creating an Account at CBC Website

Submitting an INDIVIDUAL Order

Creating a GROUP Order - We welcome group orders, please review the short video to make sure that your group order is created correctly.

Order with NO BENEFITS Assigned - We are happy to work with someone who is looking to have cards available for themselves or their team in order to expedite a member having to wait for cards to be shipped. Just call the office and we can discuss.

What is the Status of my Order? - you may also login to your account at, click on the order number and read under the comments at the bottom of the page. We will place all notes and notices in this section.

What’s an eCard? -an ecard is simply an ELECTRONIC format of a card with a card number and possibly a pin or challenge code in order to print at your computer, but avoids shipping physical cards through the mail.

We do NOT accept any Credit Cards at this time.  If you have a large order that needs to be over $2,000 dollars please give us a call and we can discuss other options for your specific order

How do I receive a Temporary Password?